Top Toy Gifts For Boys

What type of gift do boys love?

If you guessed “Remote Control Cars” you are correct!

But  what kind of remote control cars?

Simply put, the good ones.

Here are some tips to look for when buying a remote control car:

• Rechargable batteries- Without a Charge the car is useless! Kids are not able to just go and buy batteries when ever they want.

• Size – No kid wants to have the smallest car, that’s just embarrassng. As a rule of thumb, find a car that measures at least the size of his/her foot.

• Speed – Atleast 25 mph.

• Design – Choose a theme that the kid is into. For example, trucks and a police car will appeal to different types of kids.

Here are some clickable links of toy cars with great reviews to save you some time and money:

Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars