Elf on the Shelf Explained. “Why Every Family Must Have an Elf On The Shelf!”

If you’re reading this you are probably wondering , “What are they?”

Elf on the shelf

Elf on the shelf dolls are sent from the north pole by Santa himself to watch the kids.

One elf is assigned to each family. The elf watches the kids every day, then reports back to Santa every night. So that is how Santa knows whether the kids are behaving good or bad.

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The elf moves around daily, (by the parents), to make it more believable. This elf is sure to enhance the Christmas spirit in your house.

Every morning until Christmas, the kids look forward to finding the elf in the middle of suspicious acts.

Here are some extreme ideas and examples, guaranteed to get a laugh from your friends on your social media posts.

Elf on the shelf

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