Best Christmas Deals

What Christmas trees cost less, real or fake?

If you are looking to save some money this Christmas, Fake trees definitely cost less!

Buying a real tree can hit you by surprise, especially when shopping at Christmas tree farms. Sure it can enhance the Xmas spirit, but feeling compromised to actually buy one is no fun. And lets face it, nobody wants to be the family carrying the smallest tree to the car!

One small real tree will most likely cost just as much as a big reusable plastic tree.

These are the best Christmas Trees to buy. We have reviewed and researched for you. 

• Tree Volume

• Height


• Diffuculty

Best Christmas Deals

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Elf on the Shelf

Best Christmas Deals

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Save time and get ahead on Christmas specials,  before they sell out.

Tip#1 Check Bundles! Free stuff, why not. Millions of dollars are saved by buying bundles on Amazon.

Tip#2 When hanging Christmas lights,  don’t make holes! Black concrete tape works,  poking holes will let moisture in to build mold and cause wood to start rotting.  And termites would have one more home opportunity.

Best Christmas Deals

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Best Christmas Deals

Best Adult Toy


GoPro Karma drone gives you the ability to capture amazingly smooth footage regardless of its immediate surroundings as well as lightening conditions.

•In the air, check

•In your hand, check

•Mounted on your body, check

•On the moon, check

•On the sun double check..

errhmm, probably not on the sun, but GoPro Karma will capture virtually anywhere, anytime, and anyhow. It is safe to say it is the drone of dreams. It also comes with “the” Karma grip which when paired with the Karma GoPro, generates megabytes of excellent handheld or body-mounted shake-free footage, may we all rise in applause for Karma’s stabiliser capture for this amazing feature, it’s simply amazing, you have to see it to believe it.

And to put icing on a very delicious cake, Go Pro passenger app is available on iTunes store to give the best viewing experience on your iPhone and iPad devices.

The game-style controller makes it incredibly easy to control and capture all at once, (who says even men cannot multitask).

And did I forget to mention how noiseless it is? How annoying those buzzing sounds can be during sunrise or sunset. Thanks to GoPro Karma, you never have to worry about the noise factor ever.

Best Adult Toy - GoPro Karma Drone

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With Karma GoPro, portability is a necessity as the Karma folds to journey with you even to the centre of the Earth. Basically, all I’m trying to say is if you don’t have a Karma yet, you are wrong.

#2 Remote control cars

Adults and teen  love big kid toys!

In conclusion, Drones are the #1 Best Sellers.

Check out sample video and see what this drone can do on link below.

Best Girl Toy Review

Boys and Girls, Who buys more toys?

And the Answer is… GIRLS! They will own nearly 5 times more toys than boys. Wether they use them or not is whole different story.

Girls as you know are more attached, and tend to choose their pals carefully.

When choosing a doll, think things like :

•Are they Favorite movie characters?

•Are they quality enough to take to public places?

• Are they soft and cuddly enough to sleep next to you?

#1 Elsa doll from the movie Frozen

Buy Elsa Doll

#1 Elsa doll from the movie Frozen

#2 Anna doll from the movie Frozen

These two dolls elsa and Anna are the most popular toys for kids,  they are actually top best sellers that sell out before Christmas every year.

If budgets are tight, Good news is Toys like this can also be found at the swap meet. Just don’t expect good brands and packaging.