Top 5 Most Popular Action Figures (2017)

The most popular action figure toys boils down to familiarity. Almost like commercials and advertisements, movies give the toys their audience.  Hence, the more movies the more popular the toy.

So which hero has the most movies?

Tricky but brilliant response, The Avengers franchise got smart when it came to this. Networking all the heroes’ solo movies into the same “universe”.

#1 Avengers

Most loved Avengers

•Captain America : The most honorable super hero,  Captain America is a favorite because he  is always doing the “right” thing no matter the situation. He is the epitome of a good hero.

•Iron Man : Is the smart rich hero, loved for his clever “come back” remarks.

•Hulk : Appeals to many kids because of his strength. The ability to be indestructable is a fascinating thought for a child to imagine. Like the incredible hulk, everyone wants to”Smash”.
Most Popular Action Figures

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#2 Spiderman

Although Spiderman is part of the avengers team, he has a fan base of his own.  With cartoon series,  6 movies, and home coming with the avengers, people are fond of the friendly teenage Spiderman.

Most Popular Action Figures

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#3 Batman

Batman is for a more mature audience with a darker understanding. Rich and equipped with technology Batman is the hero of choice for many people.

Most Popular Action Figures

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Elf on the Shelf Explained. “Why Every Family Must Have an Elf On The Shelf!”

If you’re reading this you are probably wondering , “What are they?”

Elf on the shelf

Elf on the shelf dolls are sent from the north pole by Santa himself to watch the kids.

One elf is assigned to each family. The elf watches the kids every day, then reports back to Santa every night. So that is how Santa knows whether the kids are behaving good or bad.

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The elf moves around daily, (by the parents), to make it more believable. This elf is sure to enhance the Christmas spirit in your house.

Every morning until Christmas, the kids look forward to finding the elf in the middle of suspicious acts.

Here are some extreme ideas and examples, guaranteed to get a laugh from your friends on your social media posts.

Elf on the shelf

So make sure you find your family elf on link below , because they are sure to sell out as we get closer to Christmas!

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Best Building Toys

In order to get new ideas one must learn new things.  – Tai Lopez

A tip to help children be more creative in problem solving:

Use toys like building blocks. This helps kids practice building on previous achievements. It’s mentally metaphoric for to the next steps and keep moving forward.


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Best Building Toys

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Best Girl Toy Review

Boys and Girls, Who buys more toys?

And the Answer is… GIRLS! They will own nearly 5 times more toys than boys. Wether they use them or not is whole different story.

Girls as you know are more attached, and tend to choose their pals carefully.

When choosing a doll, think things like :

•Are they Favorite movie characters?

•Are they quality enough to take to public places?

• Are they soft and cuddly enough to sleep next to you?

#1 Elsa doll from the movie Frozen

Buy Elsa Doll

#1 Elsa doll from the movie Frozen

#2 Anna doll from the movie Frozen

These two dolls elsa and Anna are the most popular toys for kids,  they are actually top best sellers that sell out before Christmas every year.

If budgets are tight, Good news is Toys like this can also be found at the swap meet. Just don’t expect good brands and packaging.