What Christmas trees cost less, real or fake?

If you are looking to save some money this Christmas, Fake trees definitely cost less!

Buying a real tree can hit you by surprise, especially when shopping at Christmas tree farms. Sure it can enhance the Xmas spirit, but feeling compromised to actually buy one is no fun. And lets face it, nobody wants to be the family carrying the smallest tree to the car!

One small real tree will most likely cost just as much as a big reusable plastic tree.

These are the best Christmas Trees to buy. We have reviewed and researched for you. 

• Tree Volume

• Height


• Diffuculty

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Elf on the Shelf

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Save time and get ahead on Christmas specials,  before they sell out.

Tip#1 Check Bundles! Free stuff, why not. Millions of dollars are saved by buying bundles on Amazon.

Tip#2 When hanging Christmas lights,  don’t make holes! Black concrete tape works,  poking holes will let moisture in to build mold and cause wood to start rotting.  And termites would have one more home opportunity.

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