Top 5 Most Popular Action Figures (2017)

The most popular action figure toys boils down to familiarity. Almost like commercials and advertisements, movies give the toys their audience.  Hence, the more movies the more popular the toy.

So which hero has the most movies?

Tricky but brilliant response, The Avengers franchise got smart when it came to this. Networking all the heroes’ solo movies into the same “universe”.

#1 Avengers

Most loved Avengers

•Captain America : The most honorable super hero,  Captain America is a favorite because he  is always doing the “right” thing no matter the situation. He is the epitome of a good hero.

•Iron Man : Is the smart rich hero, loved for his clever “come back” remarks.

•Hulk : Appeals to many kids because of his strength. The ability to be indestructable is a fascinating thought for a child to imagine. Like the incredible hulk, everyone wants to”Smash”.
Most Popular Action Figures

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#2 Spiderman

Although Spiderman is part of the avengers team, he has a fan base of his own.  With cartoon series,  6 movies, and home coming with the avengers, people are fond of the friendly teenage Spiderman.

Most Popular Action Figures

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#3 Batman

Batman is for a more mature audience with a darker understanding. Rich and equipped with technology Batman is the hero of choice for many people.

Most Popular Action Figures

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Top Toy Gifts For Boys

What type of gift do boys love?

If you guessed “Remote Control Cars” you are correct!

But  what kind of remote control cars?

Simply put, the good ones.

Here are some tips to look for when buying a remote control car:

• Rechargable batteries- Without a Charge the car is useless! Kids are not able to just go and buy batteries when ever they want.

• Size – No kid wants to have the smallest car, that’s just embarrassng. As a rule of thumb, find a car that measures at least the size of his/her foot.

• Speed – Atleast 25 mph.

• Design – Choose a theme that the kid is into. For example, trucks and a police car will appeal to different types of kids.

Here are some clickable links of toy cars with great reviews to save you some time and money:

Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

Elf on the Shelf Explained. “Why Every Family Must Have an Elf On The Shelf!”

If you’re reading this you are probably wondering , “What are they?”

Elf on the shelf

Elf on the shelf dolls are sent from the north pole by Santa himself to watch the kids.

One elf is assigned to each family. The elf watches the kids every day, then reports back to Santa every night. So that is how Santa knows whether the kids are behaving good or bad.

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The elf moves around daily, (by the parents), to make it more believable. This elf is sure to enhance the Christmas spirit in your house.

Every morning until Christmas, the kids look forward to finding the elf in the middle of suspicious acts.

Here are some extreme ideas and examples, guaranteed to get a laugh from your friends on your social media posts.

Elf on the shelf

So make sure you find your family elf on link below , because they are sure to sell out as we get closer to Christmas!

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Best Christmas & Toy Gifts

Best Christmas tree

Christmas is a beautiful time of year and families all throughout the globe look forward to the holiday, when they may be able to position their Christmas trees out on display. December is fast approaching and nows the time for decisions to be made about your Christmas tree. A Christmas tree takes pride by being located in our home. It’s a centerpiece that glints and lights up our home, while flawlessly wrapped presents gather underneath. If you are having difficulties setting up a Christmas tree, then the hints in this article should assist you on how you can set up your tree without difficulty.

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To attain the best outcome, I strongly propose that you consider where you would like to place your Christmas tree earlier before you purchase one. Knowing exactly where you need your tree to will help you to determine how tall, and huge the tree itself should be. You genuinely don’t want a scenario where you pick out and buy an exceptional tree only to find out that it is too tall to match the area where you need to position it! To avoid this form of potential catastrophe, you ought to take the height and width measurements of the area where you intend to put your tree.

Now that you have the ideal place to put your Christmas tree you may begin setting it up. Decorating your tree is fun, however for every task, you need to have the proper equipment to make sure you attain a safe and right set up for your Christmas tree. These consist of cotton gloves for shaping branches, scissors with safety handles and a robust ladder for installing toppers on taller bushes. Once the tree is standing the following thing that you need to do is arrange the branches via the process of shaping. This is where you may bend the branches of the tree to give it a standard extra natural look with full coverage.

Best Christmas tree

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A Christmas tree is not complete without ornamentation here are few you might get when decorating your Christmas tree;

Baubles: an easy way to enhance the beauty of your Christmas tree.

Tree Topper: helps bind appearance of your Christmas tree decorations together.

Ribbons: boost your tree’s aesthetics and helps establish your desired decorating theme.

Tree Skirt: provides the balance of the entire design of your Christmas tree. It naturally attracts attention to the tree’s lower portion and helps to create a complete, harmonious look.

Picks: are perfect for adding lively splashes of color to trees, wreaths, and garlands

A fresh tree tends to last up to 4 weeks or so if you take care of them correctly. You can achieve this by keeping it as cool as possible. Look out for under-floor heating, too, which will dry out your prize pine from the bottom up. Also, do not hang baubles low as they are easily reachable by frisky cats, dogs, and infants who can and will topple the tree.

Best Christmas Tree & Toy Gifts

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Artistic Kid Toys

Suspicious of your kid being artistic?

Ways to notice an artist:

• Solves problems in unique ways

• Observant to colors

•Follows outlines with pointer finger

Did you know that 90% of successful artists started when they were young. Most artists also say they are thankful that their parents supported them follow their passion.

Even if budgets are tight, something as simple as art kit could go a long way in a child’s life.

Artistic Kid Toys

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If budgets are not tight,  well, all the better!

Education is best and surest way to go.  Cutting the learning time can be exponential.    Simple starter art education , Click Here!

And everyday routines help nurture a talent. Like many other things in life, consistency is the key!

Artistic Kid Toys

Best instruments for Kids

Think that there is an abundance of guitar players?

Well you are correct!

Did you know that 7 out of every 10 people will say they play the guitar!

But when asked, what instrument they wish knew how to play,  a whopping 93% of people say they wish they knew how to play a sophisticated instrument like the piano,  violin, or cello.

Best instruments for Kids

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Best instruments for Kids

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Some people on the other hand,  are just born to rock!

Best instruments for Kids

Genius Baby Toys

Smart babies play with smart toys!

It is crucial to a child’s brain development to work on problem solving.

Help children make sense of the world with toys that make them think, “Hmm..?”

Did you know that too much T.V. can delay a child from speaking? Problem solving type toys like shown on images below can actually encourage a child to ask questions out loud too!

Smart Babies Play With Smart Toys

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Let them make you proud !

For the best way to help your child when their young,  check this must see info

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Favorite Video Games

What do all gamers have in common?

#1 Call of Duty! This game is a must to kids who play video games.

A new one is released every year. It has millions of gamers waiting around for the next one to come out.

Fact :  Favorite video games like this are usually are binged on just as much as Netflix series.

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Did you know that gamers can actually get paid to do what they love most?

Eat, play, sleep.

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Tech Baby Toys

Should kids play with technology?

The honest truth is that we live in an ever evolving world of tech. Studies have shown that a whopping 93% the modern careers require a person to use some sort of touch screen device in the work place!

What better way to keep a child up to date than having them practice a little through out the day with a fun and fashionable necissity. Something as simple as a watch, phone, or a tablet can make all the difference in a child’s life. Especially with all the free learing apps being made available for dowload.Click Here!

Tech Baby Toys - Should kids play with technology?

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Best Building Toys

In order to get new ideas one must learn new things.  – Tai Lopez

A tip to help children be more creative in problem solving:

Use toys like building blocks. This helps kids practice building on previous achievements. It’s mentally metaphoric for to the next steps and keep moving forward.


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Best Building Toys

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